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Tidewater’s fleet is the largest fleet of OSVs in its industry, and the most versatile as well. With more than 300 vessels, highly trained and experienced crews, and full technical support, Tidewater marshals the resources to deliver a comprehensive range of high-quality, cost-effective services. We support every phase of offshore exploration, development and production, including towing and anchor-handling for drilling rigs and equipment, and transporting the supplies and personnel needed to sustain drilling, research, workover and production activities. Tidewater also provides the direct assistance needed for specialized services such as pipe laying, cable laying, pollution and fire control, and  seismic work.


Tidewater maintains offices throughout six continents to ensure the readiness of technical support that is thoroughly familiar with the logistics, politics and cultural sensitivities of every region our vessels operate. From short-term special projects to long-term exploration, development and production. Tidewater customers receive efficient, personal and knowledgeable service of the highest quality.



The World’s Best Fleet


Tidewater is the leading provider of larger Offshore Service Vessels (OSVs) in the industry, and continues to invest in the next generation of vessels to upgrade our capabilities. The major types of vessels we operate are:



Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)


Few vessels can match the performance and versatility of Tidewater’s general purpose supply vessels. Designed to carry a wide variety of cargoes, our PSVs can transport substantial amounts of fuel, water, drilling fluids, cement or mud in below-deck tanks, while their spacious, open decks can carry large quantities of material such as casing, drill pipe, tubing and miscellaneous deck cargo.




Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessels (AHTS)



The most versatile vessels in the Tidewater fleet are large, powerful anchor handling towing supply vessels, capable of all types of towing, anchor handling activities, and varied subsea operations. Tidewater crews manning these ships are specially trained to run this equipment with precision and efficiency while maintaining a focus on safety at all times.


Fitted with experienced crews and state of the art technology, these AHTS’s are capable of positioning and mooring drilling rigs in virtually any location, depth or sea condition and under a wide range of conditions. With a wide range of power, sizes and capacities, these vessels are also well-suited for general offshore support services, drilling rig support functions and cargo transport assignments.






Specialty Vessels


Tidewater is unsurpassed in its enthusiasm for developing highly specialized equipment to meet its customers’ demands. Tidewater, as an example, was selected by the U. S. government to provide support in launching geo-stationary radar equipment for drug interdiction in the Gulf of Mexico.


Our unique vessels are capable of supporting a broad range of specialized marine applications, including, but not limited to:


  • Cable laying
  • Diving support
  • FPSO support
  • Line-handling
  • Platform maintenance
  • ROV support
  • Seismic support
  • Well stimulation



Fast Crew Supply Vessels


Few companies can boast the wide range of crewboats Tidewater operates around the world. With the capacity to safely transport as many as 150 passengers and moderate quantities of cargo at high speed and  in comfort, Tidewater’s crewboat fleet has the versatility to meet a variety of production needs in the most demanding of conditions.



Offshore Tugs


Tidewater operates a large fleet of offshore tugs, offering optimal flexibility and broad capabilities to address any offshore towing application, for any project, in any location. Our tugs perform conventional towing and anchor handling functions supporting a wide range of offshore tasks, including rig towage and marine construction. Tidewater tugs are also employed in coastal and ocean towage of both containerized and bulk cargoes.



Utility Vessels


Ranging from 85 to 150 feet in length, Tidewater’s utility vessels can be configured to meet our client’s endless array of special needs. These versatile pieces of equipment generally support production in the field, functioning as all-purpose vessels supporting diving operations, offshore structure maintenance and general assistance, to name a few.


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Tidewater has relocated its New Orleans, LA office effective June 17, 2013 to :
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