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Employees should report compliance issues and violations of the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics as set forth below:

  • You are encouraged to direct questions or report violations to your supervisor.
  • If you believe your questions or concerns have not been addressed satisfactorily by your supervisor, or if you are uncomfortable discussing questions or concerns with or reporting violations to your supervisor, you should contact the Company’s Chief Compliance Officer by one of the following methods:
    • Contacting directly by phone (+1.800.678.8433 in U.S.A.); or
    • Calling a Company Compliance Hotline number as set forth below (which can be done anonymously); or
    • Submitting a report at the Company’s multi-language compliance helpline (which can be done anonymously). Please DO NOT select if you are seeking job or business opportunities with Tidewater. The Careers section of this website is available for that purpose.
  • All communications with the Chief Compliance Officer will be handled with discretion.

Complaints or concerns regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters will be reviewed by the Audit Committee of the Company’s Board of Directors, in consultation with the Company’s Chief Compliance Officer. All other complaints and concerns will be reviewed by the Company’s Compliance Officer. Employees are expected to cooperate in internal investigations of misconduct and violations of this Code. Company policy prohibits retaliation against a person making reports in good faith.


International Toll-free Lines:

From Australia: +1.800.20.8932 or +1.800.14.1924
From Brazil: 0800.891.4177
From China: +10.800.711.0631 or +10.800.110.0577
From India: 000.800.100.1075
From Indonesia: 001.803.1.008.3365
From Italy: 800.788340
From Malaysia: +1.800.80.3435
From Mexico: 001.800.613.2737
From Poland: 0.0.800.111.1561
From Scotland (UK): 0808.234.7051
From Singapore: 800.110.1519
From Thailand: 001.800.11.008.3246
From Trinidad & Tobago: +1.800.941.6882

Please note that the call must be made from the country in which the number is designated, and the call must be made from a landline with international access. In addition, only dial the numbers as they appear above – no prefixes, country codes, or additional numbers are necessary when dialing. You will hear a recorded greeting prompting you to select the language you would like to speak. The person answering the call will conference in an interpreter to assist with a call that is not made in English. Please be patient, as the process of conferencing an interpreter can take several minutes.

US Toll-free line:


Collect lines for countries in which toll-free lines are not available

(in other words, a person can ask a local operator to place a collect call from any country to the United States and the charge for the call will be assumed by the person answering the call):

+ 1.704.529.7374
(Voice prompts available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Azerbaijani, Hindi and Tagalog)

(Voice prompts available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, French and Indonesian)

Tidewater strives to operate with the utmost integrity. We thank you for your help in protecting Tidewater’s business and its reputation. If you have any questions regarding the new website or telephone numbers, please contact Tidewater’s Chief Compliance Officer.

NOTE: This means of communication is not to be utilized for solicitation of employment.