Tidewater Subsea ROVs

Tidewater Subsea offers a fleet of the latest generation work class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics.

The HD system is designed for performance, reliability, and maintainability. Innovative features in the frame design and modular subsystems combine to produce a high-performance vehicle suitable for IMR, drill support, and heavy-duty construction operations. The compact system footprint is ideal for rapid transportation and mobilization.

The UHD3 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system delivers market-leading performance for the most difficult deepwater tasks. The 250-hp vehicle is capable of handling all ultra-heavy-duty requirements. It is the only work-class ROV that can meet the API 53 standards for secondary BOP intervention, without the need for any additional equipment. With 150-hp available for intervention applications, the UHD3 delivers combined pressures and flows that cannot be achieved with conventional ROV systems. This capability also enables users to perform other demanding tasks, including well intervention and hydrate remediation, using multiple fluids that can be carried onboard the ROV.