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At Tidewater, the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues is of the highest priority.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken many steps to protect the health of our employees, while ensuring robust business continuity and protecting local communities, our customers and suppliers.

All employees are encouraged to protect themselves and their families by practicing good hygiene, maintaining social distancing and limiting travel.

Shore-based staff are required or encouraged to work from home, in line with guidance provided by local authorities. The company’s cloud-based systems continue to enable staff to provide uninterrupted support for our vessel operations and customers.

Offshore crews are required to follow detailed procedures for keeping our vessels virus free, including stringent vessel access control, social distancing, and carrying out health screenings. Procedures have been implemented to allow the safe evacuation of any suspected cases of COVID-19, and to ensure the best support is provided to any of our colleagues as required.

In addition to complying with local laws and regulations, Tidewater follows advice and guidelines on COVID-19 management from several international agencies, including but not limited to WHO and International SOS. We continuously monitor local government guidance and programs in all areas in which we operate and adapt our procedures and precautions accordingly.