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Health and Safety Management

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our operations for our employees, our customers and any personnel associated with our operations.

Tidewater’s principal operations occur in offshore waters where the workplace environment presents many safety challenges. Management communicates frequently with company personnel to promote safety and instill safe work habits through the use of company media directed at, and regular training of, both our seamen and shore-based personnel. We dedicate personnel and resources to ensure safe operations and regulatory compliance. Our Global Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Manager is involved in numerous proactive efforts to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. The Global QHSE Manager also reviews all incidents that occur, focusing on lessons that can be learned from such incidents and opportunities to incorporate such lessons into our on-going safety-related training. In addition, we employ safety personnel to be responsible for administering our safety programs and fostering our safety culture.

Our position is that each of our employees is a safety supervisor with the authority and the obligation to stop any operation that they deem to be unsafe.

Click here to download the Tidewater Health and Safety Policy