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Cloud-Based Paperless Systems

All company systems utilize secure cloud-based infrastructure to maximize effciency and redundancy, while substantially reducing the need for paper-based processes. Offshore operations utilize UniSea HSE and operations software.

Fuel Efficiency

Tidewater led the industry in fuel efficiency by investing in the ground-breaking Siemens Blue Drive PLUSC™ propulsion technology, enabling variable speed operations of vessel engines and reducing fuel consumption as much as 30%. Today, Tidewater operates one of the largest fleets that utilize this technology globally.

Fuel Monitoring

Tidewater continues to invest in our fleet, implementing technology from providers, such as FuelTrax and enginei, to better measure and manage our operations as efficiently as possible. Monitoring fuel levels and usage under various operating conditions allows us to determine optimal operational scenarios that optimize fuel usage and minimize emissions as well as cost.

Sea State Monitoring

As part of our focus on optimizing operations, Tidewater is collaborating with a key customer to implement sea state monitoring systems to gather data that can be utilized to determine optimal operating conditions. The following data is typically collected for analysis.

  • Real-time directional wave spectra
  • Real-time wave height, period and direction
  • Surface current measurements

Alternative Fuels

Several Tidewater vessels have been outfitted with hybrid battery technology. Key benefits include:

  • Battery power notation (DNV)
  • Reduced NOx & CO2
  • Fuel savings & reduced maintenance
  • Excellent combination with all low responsive engines
  • Short installation time